• Britt

Part 1-Big Fat Positive.

This is the moment how My Prettyy Reckless Life was born.

The chances of 4 eggs becoming embryos by natural conceptions as a infertile women was somewhere around .00003%. My infertility doctor even swore it would not happen... I should play the lottery.

On June 26, 2019 I found out I was pregnant!

Now this is exciting news for any women to hear but for me, it was extra exciting. I have suffered with infertility since I came home from Iraq. Many women veterans have trouble getting pregnant and staying pregnant due to the environmental toxins and psychological stress they have been exposed to during their time in service. The VA has even conducted a study and found out that 15.8% of women who have served in the Afganastan and Iraq war have report a lifetime history of infertility. The feeling of wanting a child but not being able to have one is gut wrenchingly painful. So after years of test, labs, surgeries, doctors, specilist, hormone injections, pills, more labs, more test, more pills, more hormone injections I finally received my, “Big Fat Positive!”

Unfortunately, I would have a solid 24 hours of pure excitement before my body started to fail me. In a blink of a eye my entire world would be changed forever.

This is where the real life starts.