• Britt

Part 2- Dispatch 9-11

I have debated for weeks if I wanted to playback the most painful times in my life…and then share it with the world to hear. 

Throughout this journey, I have been brutally open.

Open with myself

Open with my situation, my struggles, my accomplishments.

Brutally open with Myy Prettyy Reckless Life. 

…So why stop now. 

This is life. 8 minutes of pure hardcorelife

This would be the first of many ambulance rides during those three weeks of hell and for months after. The night before this 911 call I was in the Santa Rosa Emergency Room for severe pregnancy abdominal pain. They told me it was a kidney infection, prescribed me medication, and sent me on my way. That next morning, June 29, 2019 10:31 am, I was headed to get breakfast I was trying to fight through the pain and nausea but nothing I could do made it better. I began vomiting so much I started to choke. The pain was so intolerable I had lay on the side of the road in the fetal position. Little did I know I had multiple babies inside me growing, but in the wrong places. 

My body was actually fighting to stay alive. 

The pain and vomiting became so bad I struggled to breathe. 

You can hear me pleading and begging for help. 

You can hear the pure agony

You can hear the fear

You can hear what, “fighting for my life” sounds like. A few days later I would be. 

These were some of the longest minutes of my life. 

My body was hurting so bad I was screaming. Crying. Begging for God to help me. 

To make the pain go away. 

You can hear me opening the Jeep door and falling in the fetal position in the gravel on the side of the road. You can hear a stranger ask if I needed help.


You can hear my world falling apart. 

When you're waiting on an ambulance it feels like time freezes. 

You can hear the chaos. The pain. The unknown. You can hear me break down.

“I want my mom.”

Hearing this 911 Dispatch Call is traumatic

It’s not easy to hear some of the worst moments of your life played out. 

Those moments that would then led up to you losing so much.

Hearing this call makes me thankful to be alive

Thankful I survived the War I was up against...

With all odds against me.

By Gods Grace.