• Britt

Part 4- Choose Life.

West Florida Hospital told me it was a bladder infection and sent me home. Something in my heart and soul just didn’t seem right, I was still hurting. No amount of pain medication, heat, or rest would stop the pain. I knew as a post partum, mother/baby nurse who works around pregnancy, labor and delivery, and newborns this was not more then a bladder infection. That same night I was discharged from West Florida hospital God told me to go back to the hospital because something was wrong.

So I abided like I did the entire journey.

Since I wasn’t dying at the moment and had the choice of what ER to go to I chose my place of work, Sacred Heart Hospital. Not only do I work with all the obstetrician doctors at Sacred Heart, I also work in the emergency room as a forensic nurse. 

Being in the emergency room at your place of work is so strange. I was suffering from some pretty severe nausea and vomiting. Sacred Heart treated me like a human, they gave me much needed nausea medication, attempted to see my babies on ultrasound but they were to tiny, and properly diagnosed me not with a bladder infection, but with an intolerance to Flagyl, both Santa Rosa and West Florida missed this diagnosis.

Third times the charm.

I was sent home and felt a little better. But that only lasted about 12 hours. I was back at my place of work, not as a nurse, but as a patient.  A patient literally SCREAMING in pain.  Yes.  Yes I was THAT patient in the Emergency Room. I felt like, “I was dying.” I was admitted for 3 days, I was severely dehydrated and couldn’t keep any food down. My Doctors (co-workers) and my nurses were all amazing to me. I thought I was winning this battle.

Little did I know the next few day ahead of me would be the WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE.

So I want to end Part 3 on this note through all of this PAIN and SUFFERING 

I chose to keep FIGHTING for my baby (babies) 

I could have chose to go to Planned Parenthood, swallow a pill, and be done with “it.”

I could of ***chose*** to end the PAIN and SUFFERING.

I could of ***chose*** to PLAY God.

BUT my heart and soul could NEVER ***choose*** to STOP a Heart ❤️Beat.

As a nurse that’s literally against my Code of Ethics.

It’s against my moral values.

It's against religious beliefs. 

Our values is not determined by our size.

I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." - Ronald Reagan.

Always choose*** LIFE.❤️