• Britt

Welcome to the Conception.

I know I have been distant since I started this entire adventure about REAL life...  But Real LIFE hit me extremely hard recently...

...I’m Okay though.💜

At this very moment I am not quite ready to let my entire story out there because I’m still internally (and externally) processing this hell of a ride I have been on. 

I wanted to thank everyone who has reached out to me with their love, support, and prayers. Trust me when I say your prayers are working.

Miracles do happen. Don’t worry y’all and brace yourself because when I am ready (and yes it will be *REAL* soon) to let my voice be heard about living through REAL life y’all will be on one hell of a emotional roller coaster with me...because my life is a beautiful disaster and I want to share it so other humans know it’s okay to just be “okay”. Soooo it might not be pretty but I am here surviving, fighting, and believing.

Right now I need your help... Please say a 🙏🏻 for me when you bow your head at night...

Kindest Regards,